3 Killer List Building Approaches You May Not Know

Apr 09, 2019  

If you have a feeling that list building can help your business, then there really is no reason why you shouldn't do it. Over the years list marketing has made millions for some people, and you can at least make something from it. Naturally, if you have no knowledge of this, then you simply have to learn and it is easy stuff. In this article you can take advantage of three great list building tips that will make you money.

It doesn't matter if you are experienced or not because if not then you can learn and then apply. Do those for your squeeze page, and make a shirt with your squeeze page URL on it. Have pens and notepads printed up with the URL and leave them in strategic places. Be willing to run tests with your domain for the page and see what happens. If your business is good for local traffic, then you can use marketing on your car.

Always send a follow-up e-mail for every sale made. If you need to, you cannot make the process with an autoresponder. Smaller businesses typically do not need one. Make sure you thank people with that follow-up e-mail. You want to set this up where people are thanked, that you offer them something else, leading them to another opt-in box which could lead to additional sales in the future. You can put a link to an opt-in page in the email, or you can simply ask them to reply with permission to add you to your list. Depending upon your sales volume, and how much data processing you have to do, the route you take will be dependent upon these factors.

Not all forums are friendly to marketers, and some of them will now allow any marketing of any kind. By participating in a forum you prove that you are interested in community building first. The way it works is pretty simple, and you make relevant and good posts and people will notice your signature links. It's a great way to increase your opt-ins with something that you are already doing every day: wasting time in forums.

In conclusion, you can see that there are many ways to build your list by encouraging people to sign up. You can do this by using promotional offers or squeeze pages.

If you provide good customer service, this will happen as a result. There are endless possibilities here. Really, the only limit to how big your list can be is whatever limit you place on your own creativity. Now get out there, build your list, and start making some money!

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